Seeking Arrangement is an online adult social network for men and women looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. It is about building a story that is not only determined by feelings but also by your interests and needs of the moment. A popular word for this practice is hypergamy.

Seeking Arrangement was designed and developed by a team of passionate singles, Seeking Arrangement provides a state-of-the-art exchange platform for a demanding and accustomed luxury clientele. Ultimately, we have the ambition to offer a truly different online dating experience.

What is hypergamy?

Hypergamy consists of dating with partners with a higher social status.
In other words, a man or woman whose career is successful, whether financially or socially, has a relationship with another person who has a particular talent: a good physique, a keen mind, a pleasant conversation, an innate sense of adventure …
The term Sugar Baby is often used to describe such a person, while his partner who enjoys a higher social status is commonly called a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma.

What are the advantages mutually beneficial relationships ?

A mutually beneficial relationships  encourages frank and direct relationships between partners: do not be afraid to express your expectations clearly because this can only avoid relationships built on misunderstandings. Relationship is the best way to broaden your horizons: let a successful man with more experience get you into a world of luxury, great restaurants, travel and wealth. intellectual.
Are you a student struggling with daily necessities, a recent graduate looking for a job in a particular industry or just someone looking for a better life? A successful partner with more experience can help you make progress towards your goals.

Soul in search of success research generous partner

  • Sugar Babies:
    Meet successful people (sugar daddies or mommas) who can pamper you with luxurious attentions.
  • Sugar Daddies or Mommas:
    Meet some sugar babies who know why they are here and who will not waste your time.

Rediscover what the word courtesy means

A successful man or woman, that is, a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma, has an impeccable code of conduct: you will be treated with distinction and delicacy in your relationship. Information matters more than money. Give fish to a man and feed him for the day. Teach him to fish and you will feed him for life. A successful man or woman can show a Sugar Baby how to progress on their professional path.

Gifts and little touches. A Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma has the power to spoil his or her Sugar Baby: you could enjoy more gifts and attention than you have ever had in your life!

A talented partner at your side. Sugar Babies are attractive either physically or intellectually because they are often students or graduates. In either case, you will feel lucky to have them at your side.

Serious and effective. Sugar Babies do not register to amuse the gallery. They know what they want and will not waste your time.

An open relationship

A hypergamous relationship allows you to define what kind of interactions you want exactly. A night without a future, codified meetings or even a stronger commitment like marriage are possible.

3 Sugar Babies for 1 Sugar Daddy or Momma
That’s about the ratio you can expect on Seeking Arrangement. To have met the success gives you homework but also great powers!

The photos are good … the videos are better

Seeking Arrangement allows you to add a video to your profile: it’s a great opportunity to stand out from the competition! Do not imagine your sugar baby from some videos: see it as it really is!

Get the attention you deserve:

A video brings to one or a Sugar Baby much more attention than a simple set of pictures. We live on the hour of calls by interposed cameras and live broadcasts on the Internet, do not be shy!
Give yourself all your chances for the popularity contest
A video gives your profile a lot more popularity than a photo. This translates into a huge advantage for the popularity contest that takes place every month (see below for more details).

Be the Sugar Baby of the month

Do you want to benefit from exceptional visibility? Contact us and if you are eligible, we will post a short version of your video on our YouTube channel.

Get a livelier profile

Sugar Babies who post a video have a profile that you can enjoy and trust. The sound and movements give you a different perspective and additional insight into the personality of a Sugar Baby.

Premium account

Only members who have a premium account can watch the videos in their entirety. This is a legitimate advantage for members with a paid subscription and at the same time, Sugar Babies are assured that their original videos can only be watched by serious Sugar Daddies or Mommas.


Sugar daddies: a new social phenomenon

Nowadays, sexuality and different tastes for it is less and less a taboo. Evidenced by the fashion of the cougars that has been talking about her lately. But since 2011, a new phenomenon is developing, quite similar to that of the cougars: that of “sugar daddies”. The principle is simple: rich elderly men financially support attractive young women in exchange for love and tenderness.

To become one of these sugar daddies, the sine qua non is to have a bank account well provided. This phenomenon has swelled the controversy, on a question “is it disguised prostitution?”. It is not so even if it is true that to be offered a multitude of gifts in exchange for hugs could encourage to believe it, but on the other hand, it must necessarily spring a spark between the man and the young for the arrangement to go well, and the fact that both people are willing and assume that they are brought together by ambition and by mutual agreement on the basis of interest is certainly less hypocritical that a meeting between a woman who seeks the soulmate and a man who wants only a love of a night. Young women are called “sugar babies”. Often, they have a job next door and do this to afford extras they could not afford to have in normal times.

On Seeking Arrangement pretty Sugar Babies are ready to do anything to meet financially comfortable men. The site is one of the pioneers in Quebec.

It is necessary to understand that this dating site for sugar daddies does not propose to find the soul mate. We are not here in the quest for great love. Seeking Arrangement openly proposes an incentive based on money between the man and the woman and both must know at the time of their inscription that they are not on this site to find a partner of life as in a fairy tale, but to realize a dream between ambition and search for beauty.

At registration, men will have to fill out the usual information of a dating site in order to fill out their profile and then contact the women. The man must generally offer gifts to young women, travel … and what they want to please them. It all depends of course what they are looking for and what they would be willing to put in to have the best of the future relationship. When young women, dating sites advise them to be attractive, ambitious and intelligent. They are asked to inform their body type and what they would accept to satisfy the sugar daddy.